Freelance (2020–Present)

Infrastructure as Code

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment


  • Automated Acceptance Testing via Playwright
  • Automated Front End Content Preview
  • CircleCI Jest Performance Optimization
  • Front End Application Test Suite Migration, and Usability Improvements
  • Production-like QA Environment from Sanitized Production Data

System Architecture

Security and Operations

  • AWS IAM User Automation and Scope Reduction
  • Database Diaster Recovery Preparation
  • Datadog Integration
  • Organizational Security Posture Audit and Recommendations
  • Third-Party SaaS Cost Optimizations (AWS, CircleCI, Chromatic, Datadog)
  • Secure an Internet Accessible Bastion via AWS Systems Manager

Client-Side Applications

  • Browser Extension Multi-Browser WebExtension Support
  • Front End Application Performance Optimization
  • Vue CLI to Nuxt Transition

Talks and Education

  • “From the Ground Up” Educational Talks (Cloud Infrastructure, RDS, CI/CD)

Data Science

  • Data Science Project Generators & Continuous Deployment
  • EMR Encryption-in-Transit via Amazon Private Certificate Authority
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Ibotta (2014–2020)

Talks (2012–Present)

Side Projects (2011–Present)

ReadyTalk (2011–2014)


College Era (2007-2011)