Object Oriented Analysis and Design Final Project

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Hi Readers!

Here’s some more follow-up info on some work I’ve been completing for my Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course. I was working along with Zac Clark on a Ruby on Rails application for our final project for this class. What we came up with was an installable web application called LaunchPad. We realized that both of us did the same thing every morning on our iOS devices - we access the weather application, the calendar application, then check the RTD website to see when to catch the bus.

Because of this we decided to create LaunchPad, an application that integrated a series of widgets…your “LaunchPad” in the morning. We developed the application entirely in Rails and made it very simple to extend to additional widgets. If you want to check out the source code, see our Github project site and take a look at our final submission for screenshots and design information.

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