At ReadyTalk, we have several customer-facing applications. The client I work with most frequently is our Rich Java app, which is downloaded on-the-fly and used by Chairpeople and Collaborators in ReadyTalk meetings. This application, for lots of reasons, uses the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) for the front-end.

SWT provides us with a native look-and-feel on different platforms, but can be a bit lacking in more modern UI components, which drives us to do custom drawing of more advanced components. As part of a project started in October 2013, we took on refreshing the front-end to make our application look more flat and modern. This drove us to need more advanced widgets for SWT and, thus, the swt-bling project.

Working on this project has taken my understanding of SWT to a whole new level. Make sure you check out our GitHub page to see what we’ve been working on lately.

I’ve also written a number of posts about skills I’ve learned working with swt-bling, check them out: