Customer Support Internal Tool

Ibotta’s core functionality was initially centered around submitting an image of a receipt after a user went shopping. We’d attempt to run OCR, and match products on the receipt to offers unlocked in the app.

Most of the time matches happened automatically, and the user received their cash-back almost instantly. However, sometimes the user told us to expect an item we couldn’t find on the receipt and would enter a moderation flow for a human to double-check the analysis.

This purpose-built moderation tool increased moderator productivity by over 30%, saving Ibotta millions of dollars in operational expenses in just the first year of introduction. By paying close attention to moderator feedback, we introduced keyboard shortcuts and other utilities to minimize time spent per-receipt. Additionally, we built the platform to be extensible and added other moderation tasks, such as UPC moderation and Fraud workflows.

This platform was, and continues to be, a key internal tool used by moderators across the globe.

Key Skills

  • Front and Back-End Architecture and Development
  • Internal Tooling
  • Extensible Platforms
  • Efficiency Optimization