Building a Scaleable Protocol Buffers/gRPC Artifact Pipeline

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Ibotta uses gRPC and Protocol Buffers to rapidly innovate in our microservice-driven environment. gRPC provides low-latency, bi-directional binary streaming via HTTP/2. gRPC also relies on reusable, validateable, language-agnostic Protocol Buffers messages.

Because of these advantages, many of our new services are using gRPC for their inter-service communication. We’re also using Protocol Buffers outside of gRPC for predictable serialization/deserialization of messages on streams and queues.

However, our initial implementation for packaging Protocol Buffers messages and gRPC services could not handle the influx of new technologist (engineers, data scientists and analysts) interest. This article describes the problems we faced with the initial implementation and how our new pipeline significantly decreased time to ship Protocol Buffers & gRPC artifacts to production.

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