ember-cli-deploy 0.5.x + node helpers + hipchat

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I’ve previously spoken about ember-cli-deploy and how it makes your deployments safe and easy. This weekend I’ve been hacking against the new ember-cli-deploy pipeline (0.5.x+) and I have a few updates to share.

ember-cli-deploy 0.5.x

The pipeline version of ember-cli-deploy strips everything back to basics and allows plugins to handle each step of your deployment. Instead of making assumptions about deployment it allows you to setup your deployment pipeline however you like.

Because of these changes, you’ll need to install a few extra plugins to maintain the redis and s3 deployment described in my ember-cli-deploy talk from earlier this year.

However, I went through the process this weekend and it was very simple to upgrade and even produce new plugins for the pipeline.


I’ve updated the client and server components of my location-aware-ember project, so you can see the changes you’ll need to make to go from 0.4.x to 0.5.x of ember-cli-deploy. You can also have a look at the official upgrade docs for more info.


If you’re using my node-ember-cli-deploy-redis project, I’ve also updated it (in version 0.3+) to work with ember-cli-deploy 0.5.x and beyond.

Check out the CHANGELOG.md for info on how to upgrade from an older version of the middleware.


At ibotta we are using HipChat and there wasn’t a notification plugin for the new version of ember-cli-deploy.

Luckily, the configurable pipeline made it super easy to create a plugin (in an afternoon) to get this working. If you’re using HipChat, check out my new project ember-cli-deploy-hipchat!

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