Migrating to Ember CLI at Ibotta

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At Ibotta, we’ve been running an EmberJS app for about a year. Ember seemed the obvious choice to rewrite our marketing-centric webapp and we were able to turn around a brand new site in the span of just a few months.

When we started project, there was no first-class way to build and deploy the app. Ember App Kit existed, but didn’t quite fit the bill for everything we needed in a build pipeline. We also tried Grunt, but it was extremely verbose. We ended up settling on Brunch because of its simplicity and easy integration with our Express server.

Enter Ember CLI

The Ember community realized that a standardized build and deployment system is crucial to making developers more productive. Stephan Penner’s Ember App Kit project morphed into the Ember CLI project and is now a first-class citizen and the de facto way to build Ember Apps.

Especially after attending EmberConf 2015, we realized we need to ditch our current Brunch build system and migrate to Ember CLI.

This blog post will track other posts that document our journey to Ember CLI.

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