Shamefully Overdue Update Post

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Hi readers,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an update - so here goes. There have been lots of changes in my life lately, the biggest of which include starting my new career with ReadyTalk, and buying a house in Downtown Denver, CO.

My new career with ReadyTalk has been quite the eye-opening experience for me. After the initial jitters of getting up to speed with the environment in which I’m developing, I’ve come to appreciate the processes and people that make ReadyTalk such an amazing place to work. I’ve been learning an unbelievable amount of new skills and improving those I am familiar with based on my time at CU Boulder. Right now, I’m working on ReadyTalk, up-and-coming video conferencing feature. It’s awesome that I’m on such an important and visible project for the future of the company. More to come later on this.

Outside of work I’ve been trying to stay as involved as possible at CU Boulder as an alum. I’ve already been invited to join the CU Boulder Computer Science Alumni Association, which is quite the honor. In addition, I gave a presentation to the Senior Projects class regarding agile methods (specifically Scrum) and my experiences with agile day-to-day. Students seemed to be interested in hearing concrete examples of an agile method, as opposed to discussing it theoretically. I’m going to be hosting some CU Boulder CS Seniors in an agile workshop day in the coming weeks hosted at ReadyTalk. I also spent some time to give advice and answer questions regarding their upcoming job search. I had a great time and I’ve been receiving great feedback from students in the class.

Well, that about does it for now.

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