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Hey Readers!

Wow, what a crazy few weeks. I absolutely cannot believe I’m about to graduate! Time flies when you’re having fun! Anyway, I wanted to update you all with some information about my plan to continue promoting entrepreneurship at CU after I graduate.

I have recently been working with professors Dirk Grunwald and John Black in presenting an idea for a paid Entrepreneurship Liaison position in the Computer Science department. After I graduate I hope that the people I’ve handed the reigns over to will continue to promote entrepreneurship among the undergraduate students, but I can’t expect them to put in the amount of time I have historically dedicated. Therefore, a paid position seems to be the best way to go to bridge the gap between the flourishing Denver/Boulder technology scene and the CU Computer Science department.

I see a number of obvious benefits to dedicating resources to this position. It benefits the students and professors by being exposed to new and relevant technologies being used in our community. It also benefits the Denver/Boulder tech community by allowing entrepreneurs to be more directly involved with the education of new Computer Science talent. To me, this seems like a win-win-win (students, faculty, community).

This is where I need your help. The department seems open to this idea, but we need more direct feedback from the Denver/Boulder startup community. With your help, we can foster a stronger relationship between the thriving local startup community and educational institutions.

If you’re interested in helping out, please shoot me an email (limmer colorado edu) with Entrepreneurship in the subject line. Let me know which company you represent and how you and/or your company would like to be involved. Examples of possible involvement include: making a donation to support the paid position, volunteering to help teach a class, guest lecturing, hosting a tech talk for students, sponsoring interns, sponsoring a sophomore or senior project, etc. We are open to additional ways to get you involved - just let me know!

With your help we can make this idea a reality and build lasting connections between the Denver/Boulder tech community and our prestigious educational institutions. Join me!

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