Job Search Update: Finished!

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Hello lovely people!

Just wanted to update all you about my job search now that things are official. After several months of applying and interviewing at various local and national companies, I have accepted a job with ReadyTalk, a local Denver, CO company. After interviewing with a diverse group of companies, I know that ReadyTalk will be a great fit for me. This was the first set of interviews I’ve ever had that were very relaxed and stress-free. Every person I interviewed with seemed to be genuinely happy with where they are working, something I’ve not seen from other places I’ve applied.

The technologies used at ReadyTalk seem really interesting - I love that they collaborate with the Free and Open Source community and use a Linux-based development environment. Also, they’re doing really cool stuff with VOIP and telecommunications based technologies that I was introduced to through my senior project.

I can’t wait to get started in June! I’ll provide updates soon!

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