Human Centered Computing: Professional Development Wrap-Up

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As the semester winds down, I’d like to recap what I’ve done over the past fifteen weeks of the Human Centered Computing: Professional Development (HCCPD) course. I’ve gone from having no experience with web programming to creating the website you’re viewing right now. Though the backend utilizes the Wordpress engine, the styling of the site was built from the ground up (thanks to help from several Computer Science undergraduates and graduates).

In addition to learning web programming (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, and MYSQL), I learned how to utilize Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create eye-popping graphic designs and professional looking logos for personal branding. Also, I spent time working with Noise Market, a pre-funding startup company launched by University of Colorado computer science students.

For a quick overview of my progress this semester, please check out these slides as well as the Google Site, which was updated weekly with my progress. Please make sure to check out the Google Site to see what I produced throughout the semester! I had a great semester and appreciate the opportunity to continue expanding my skill set!

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